Check out the article "RIOTING FANTASIES", about myself (alongside self portrait: HE-VENUS) which is featured in the newest November/December issue of NY ARTS Magazine.

Rioting Fantasies

"I have always found erotica to be the most stimulating type of activism. It appeals to every aspect of myself: the artist, the dreamer, the lover, the exhibitionist, and the rebel. As the artist, it only made sense to explore these aspects of my sexuality and myself from both sides of the camera. With responsibility to my vision, through my eyes (and body) I want to express the male body in a challenging, yet sensitive way—giving the viewer a unique opportunity to step inside a stylized version of my own sexual fantasies.... "

Pick up a copy, or read the rest of the article here.


Afriasian said...

A fantastic article Mikel, so well written.

This is one of the most beautiful photos of you ever!

michael said...

Great photo indeed.

Poetic and sensual all at once.

justinjoy said...

I'm always intrigued & surprised by Mikel's perspective on his work, especially his self-portraits. There is a deep self-assurance and almost abrasive narcissism present in the work and his point of view. There is also astute and profound realizations as well as a childlike humanity. At times I wish he would capture his imperfections - a huge pimple, an unfortunate scar or his somewhat awkward profile. But mostly I enjoy getting lost in the fantasy, which is undoubtedly my own fantasy & desire to have & be the guy in the picture. Beyond the surface waits the universe.

underneath said...

Another exquisite self portrait - you really deserve the recognition of your work!

Anonymous said...

mikel, one question!
are you circumcised??
please answered me
Merry Christmas :D
Beautiful photos

Paul said...

Hot, hot, hot as ever. I don't think there's a photo of you I've seen that didn't impress me with its artistic and technical excellence....AND also make my dick hard.

That's a great combination. Keep it up (pun intended.)

Ryan Thompson said...
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Anonymous said...









Edward said...

fantastically erotic self portrait; beautiful pose and lovely skin tones