It was not so long ago, but summer seems like but a sweet distant memory. Since it's so fucking cold here in Montreal, lets warm up on a little summer reminiscence:

Last August, my series "Android" was displayed in the Summer 08 "Sensual or Sexual?" issue of the Paris-based magazine Pref Mag No. 27.

The photos are accompanied with an article about me, and some of my thoughts on the piece; However, it's in French. I DO know what I was thinking when I was first sketching out this series (as all my series start as illustrations), and the gist is: Technology is addictive. Rapid technological advance is suicide. Eden can be considered as pre-industrial world, the long stillness before the machine, and the like. This was but one of the series I shot along this line, while the others are pending publication.

Android is a robotic boy misinterpreting humanity, as he aspires to it. Here is the full series, with a few that hadn't been published in the magazine. For information on how to acquire my limited edition pieces, please contact my gallery: Envoy, NYC.


Afriasian said...

Awesome pictures! He seems very lonely.

Sandro said...

beautiful sensual and moving!
need some idea? check it out:

Marquis de Lannes said...

Extremamente sensuales las fotos!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Dale?
I never knew ALL that was hiding under there. Mmm.

EJ said...

these ones are my favourite!