Last month, I had the interesting opportunity of doing a "sex-chat" style interview with Angelica Le Mihn, Sex-Columnist for NIGHTLIFE Magazine. The name of the article, aptly dubbed: "HUGE, UNCUT WANGS".

NIGHTLIFE is the one-stop for all the arts and scenester activities Montreal has to offer, and it caters to a young psuedo-subversive audience. I didn't quite know what to expect, but I have to say I nearly polished off a bottle of wine and she ended up being a pretty entertaining internet date.

The publication hit the shelves at an awkward time for me, as I just ended a 2 1/2 year relationship with a most lovely boy, Colin (whom I loved very hard), and he is mentioned as my "yummy bf" (and then some) in the article amid all the boy-heart-break.

I'm happy for all the things he and I explored together, and it will take a lot to replace the beauty he added to my life. I wish him the best, and look forward to explore the vastness that my future has to promise.

As for the article, it's not my most eloquent, but it's a good cut-and-paste laugh.


"In true internet tradition, Angelica LeMinh chats with man-photographing legend Mikel Marton, a man she’s never met, but whose penis she’s already seen."

Read the interview HERE



Check out the article "RIOTING FANTASIES", about myself (alongside self portrait: HE-VENUS) which is featured in the newest November/December issue of NY ARTS Magazine.

Rioting Fantasies

"I have always found erotica to be the most stimulating type of activism. It appeals to every aspect of myself: the artist, the dreamer, the lover, the exhibitionist, and the rebel. As the artist, it only made sense to explore these aspects of my sexuality and myself from both sides of the camera. With responsibility to my vision, through my eyes (and body) I want to express the male body in a challenging, yet sensitive way—giving the viewer a unique opportunity to step inside a stylized version of my own sexual fantasies.... "

Pick up a copy, or read the rest of the article here.



It was not so long ago, but summer seems like but a sweet distant memory. Since it's so fucking cold here in Montreal, lets warm up on a little summer reminiscence:

Last August, my series "Android" was displayed in the Summer 08 "Sensual or Sexual?" issue of the Paris-based magazine Pref Mag No. 27.

The photos are accompanied with an article about me, and some of my thoughts on the piece; However, it's in French. I DO know what I was thinking when I was first sketching out this series (as all my series start as illustrations), and the gist is: Technology is addictive. Rapid technological advance is suicide. Eden can be considered as pre-industrial world, the long stillness before the machine, and the like. This was but one of the series I shot along this line, while the others are pending publication.

Android is a robotic boy misinterpreting humanity, as he aspires to it. Here is the full series, with a few that hadn't been published in the magazine. For information on how to acquire my limited edition pieces, please contact my gallery: Envoy, NYC.


Trick or Treat. Give me something good to eat.

Halloween is certainly my favorite Holiday. It's a day where we can celebrate what many of us fear the most, Death.

On Halloween morning (since I was a small boy) I always start the day by leaving out food for the dead, and a funeral lantern lit so that the lost souls may find their way.

For this special occasion, I shall leave you with a few brand new BEEFCAKE inspired SELF PORTRAITS. A mix of 50's porn, and vintage "Beef Cake" erotica.

Not quite my Halloween costume, but almost as baring.


It's raining, and New York calls...

("Rain", an unreleased photo from my series, "Phantom")

It's raining, and cold in Montreal, and I'm drinking a giant bowl of coffee and planning my upcoming trip (and perhaps my future) in NYC.

Perhaps I will be a phantom for Halloween, wear a giant sheet with nothing undearneath.

For prints, please contact my gallery: Envoy, NYC.


October's Boy: Will

As featured on EVB's boy of the week, this heterosexual hombre isn't just a bilingual beauty, he is also one of the most down to earth boy's I've had the pleasure of undressing. As summer closes, I thought it fitting to capture his essence with a 70's inspired series I call, "LOVE".

Here are a few from of the yet to be released series. For information on how to acquire my limited edition pieces, please contact my gallery: Envoy, NYC.


The Nude Male: 21st Century Visions

David Leddick's newest publication "The Nude Male: 21st Century Visions", hit the stores this past week.

"In 'The Nude Male' David Leddick has assembled the latest and most current survey of the male nude form, as seen through the eyes of today's most important and influential artists".

I am pleased to be featured alongside some of my favorite artists in the field, most especially: Anthony Goicolea, Pierre et Gilles, Vivienne Maricevic (j'adore!), Slava Mogutin, Christophe Chemin, Greg Gorman, John Currin, Dimitiris Yeros, and friend, Ryan Pfluger.

My feature includes a collection of some of my early photos which span across 3 pages (pg. 135-137), and a short bio and commentary written by David, himself:

"MIKEL MARTON is among the newest and most promising faces in the field of male nude photography. He says "I aim to challenge traditional censorship regarding male nudity by blurring the line between what some might find as 'pornography' and 'art'." By placing his models, and himself, within a modern world of technology, he has shown a unique eye for composition and lighting. Though they are strong, they are not raw and are always infused with beauty.

Now living in Montreal, Marton grew up in a small Canadian town, which he believes motivated him to use photography to confront oppression."

The above photo is featured as a two-page spread in the book. I guess you will just have to buy the book to see the rest.



SOME NAUTICAL NUDITY AND A SELF-PORTRAIT SAILOR SALUTE to kick off the launch of my EROTIC PHOTOGRAPHY & SELF PORTRAIT BLOG. Here, you will be constantly up-to-date on projects, self-portraits, exhibitions and publications of your favorite "EROTIC MALE PHOTOGRAPHER", and renowned exhibitionist.

As elusive and escapist as I can be, I HAVE been around; And have been very well, busy creating many new series for publication and exhibition.

I will still be running my website (toxicboy.net), but this blog will provide new access to the current events, projects, and erotic happenings of yours truly.

With Briney Love,