Last month, I had the interesting opportunity of doing a "sex-chat" style interview with Angelica Le Mihn, Sex-Columnist for NIGHTLIFE Magazine. The name of the article, aptly dubbed: "HUGE, UNCUT WANGS".

NIGHTLIFE is the one-stop for all the arts and scenester activities Montreal has to offer, and it caters to a young psuedo-subversive audience. I didn't quite know what to expect, but I have to say I nearly polished off a bottle of wine and she ended up being a pretty entertaining internet date.

The publication hit the shelves at an awkward time for me, as I just ended a 2 1/2 year relationship with a most lovely boy, Colin (whom I loved very hard), and he is mentioned as my "yummy bf" (and then some) in the article amid all the boy-heart-break.

I'm happy for all the things he and I explored together, and it will take a lot to replace the beauty he added to my life. I wish him the best, and look forward to explore the vastness that my future has to promise.

As for the article, it's not my most eloquent, but it's a good cut-and-paste laugh.


"In true internet tradition, Angelica LeMinh chats with man-photographing legend Mikel Marton, a man she’s never met, but whose penis she’s already seen."

Read the interview HERE


michael said...

Great interview.

Anonymous said...

The single life should be enjoyed.
You must of had many temptations to go further than just taking photos of some of your models, it's only natural. I think you just venture into the amaetur porn world after seeing you on cam4.com a few times. lol