Trick or Treat. Give me something good to eat.

Halloween is certainly my favorite Holiday. It's a day where we can celebrate what many of us fear the most, Death.

On Halloween morning (since I was a small boy) I always start the day by leaving out food for the dead, and a funeral lantern lit so that the lost souls may find their way.

For this special occasion, I shall leave you with a few brand new BEEFCAKE inspired SELF PORTRAITS. A mix of 50's porn, and vintage "Beef Cake" erotica.

Not quite my Halloween costume, but almost as baring.


It's raining, and New York calls...

("Rain", an unreleased photo from my series, "Phantom")

It's raining, and cold in Montreal, and I'm drinking a giant bowl of coffee and planning my upcoming trip (and perhaps my future) in NYC.

Perhaps I will be a phantom for Halloween, wear a giant sheet with nothing undearneath.

For prints, please contact my gallery: Envoy, NYC.


October's Boy: Will

As featured on EVB's boy of the week, this heterosexual hombre isn't just a bilingual beauty, he is also one of the most down to earth boy's I've had the pleasure of undressing. As summer closes, I thought it fitting to capture his essence with a 70's inspired series I call, "LOVE".

Here are a few from of the yet to be released series. For information on how to acquire my limited edition pieces, please contact my gallery: Envoy, NYC.