“Saturn sung, and thrice returned-
O' transmuted scion of the smoky mirror.
From oneric pupa you must withdraw,
To revolt the churning gear.

The zenith of his fiery crest,
Extends betwixt with friction-flush;
And with his feet-like fins submerged,
His spirit cleaves from kelpy husk.”

Series and prose by MIKEL MARTON


Suggested listening for those 
who like to unite sound and vision
as much as I, "Skin" by Grimes.

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or acquiring one of my limited-edition prints, 
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Anna said...

Oh woaw, your photos are absolutely incredible.

Matthew MAY said...

Hi Mikel
Thoroughly enjoyed your website and blog - some really nice work. I sent you an eMail to mikel.r.marton@gmail.com requesting some pricing on prints - not sure if you got it. Could you reply to this post if there is another eMail which reaches you more easily? Cheers - Matthew