Friends, collectors, and Mikel enthusiasts: The newest edition of GRAFUCK is almost out, and within it, a small collection of my work.

GRAFUCK features the latest erotic work from a diverse group of established artists, and emerging international talents. Illustration, photography and fine art come together in an annual publication of intriguing, and provocative images and ideas.

The opening reception is on Saturday Aprill, 11, from 7pm, to 11pm, at Gallery Nucleus (just 15 mins outside of downtown LA).


hardboy said...

There you are!

You have no idea how long I have wondered what might have happened to you since I snuck a glorious peek at your photographic antics years ago when you were out west.

Now I no longer have to fantasize, as you deliver classy eroticism for us raunch-hounds. So glad to have stumbled across your MM profile, which ultimately led me here.

And, you go with that book of your own!

the crew of Unfaithful said...