Pray for Spring

(Self Portraits)

"Winter is on my head, but eternal spring is in my heart."



I used to have a Holga camera when I was 16. I, an angsty teen at the time was unable to be as careful as one should be with a camera made of plastic, had knocked the damn thing into pieces.

Holga is a cheaper, medium format, plastic toy camera appreciated for it's reliably unreliable results. The plastic construction and simple lens creates unique photos often with blurred distorted edges, vignetting, and flares from light leaks. The double exposure option c'est tres bon.

I wanted to play around with this medium again, now that I have a half a clue what I am doing so I bought another this past week and did some test shots with a beautiful young Greek friend of mine, Andoni. The above being one of the results.

For information on how to acquire my limited edition pieces, please contact my gallery: Envoy. NYC